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Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman

In addition to its significant economic share in the real sector, the agricultural sector is a sector that also serves social, cultural and strategic purposes and thus directly or indirectly interests all members of our country.

Although the share of agriculture in Gross Domestic Product and exports is declining, both the production and demand power and the agricultural sector maintain its place in the economy.

The necessity of more flexible, competitive and timely realization of relations in the globalizing world is increasing the importance of the activities of the Commodity Exchange in our country.

Rapid changes in the world and our country have forced public institutions and organizations to make long-term plans for Civil Society Institutions, to think strategically for effective public administration, to make strategic decisions and to improve strategic management processes. Strategic planning; it helps the development and strengthening of corporate culture and identity on the one hand while gaining efficiency on public financial management on the other.

Our mission as the institution, in the understanding of Commodity Exchange; To increase the commercial activity of our city and region, to establish the structure of trade that will enable our members to take place in the developing world in agriculture and food sector and to play an active role in the projects of social responsibility of the city and region. It is the process of taking our institution forward, determining our resources and determining our institutional objectives in the light of its strengths, identifying special policies in achieving these goals and applying them in the most appropriate way to achieve the objectives of the institution.

Our prospective studies of our institution, which we see as a means to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and dynamism of our institution; our basic principles and policies, our priorities, the medium- and long-term goals, the methods we can follow to realize them, and the allocation of resources.

That is why; no success is a coincidence, on the contrary all successes are the result of a perfect calculation and planning. Institutions need to go through a good strategic planning and management process so that they can successfully transform and transform. We continue in line with the strategies we determined to increase our quality in our services, to take part in any initiative that could contribute to the development of our region and our country.

Best regards,

Murat KAYA

Chairman of the Board of Directors